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The active ingredient in Likas Papaya Whitening Soap is an ALL NATURAL enzyme called Papain that dissolves and exfoliates dark, dead skin cells.

Massaged into your skin daily, you WILL see gradual results. All it takes is 3-5 minutes daily to lighten your skin, fade dark spots, even clear up acne.

  • Do you tan easily leaving you with uneven skin tone or blatant tan lines?
  • Do you suffer from acne you want to clear up fast?
  • Do you have scars, age spots, melasma, liver spots or freckles that you need to lighten?

Try Likas Papaya Soap now and you'll notice a glowing difference


This is not a prescription medicine or a harsh chemical scrub. Likas is an herbal, non-toxic soap. Therefore the results are gradual and natural.

The Five Step Likas Method for Lighter, Smoother, More Radiant Skin!

  1. Lather Likas Skin Whitening Soap in your hands with warm water
  2. Massage gently into your skin for 3-5 minutes
  3. Rinse
  4. Dry
  5. Apply your usual moisturiser

That's it!

And just wait until you enjoy the pleasant, natural aroma of Likes! Likas is not a foul-smelling chemical abrasion treatment!

After 3 weeks you will see a noticeable difference

  • Lighter, Smoother Skin
  • Radiant, Glowing Tone
  • Smoother Skin
  • Acne Gone
  • Your friends will marvel at your glow!

You've surely noticed the smooth radiant skin of our Asian sisters. The envy of women all over the world. Well, now their secret is out.


For ages, Likas Soap could only be found in small Asian specialty grocers. Little shops often hidden away in the 'Chinatowns' or other ethnic neighborhoods in large metro areas. It is especially difficult to find in the UK.

If you are like most women around the world, you do not have little shops like this in your neighborhood. So, Likas has remained a secret of our beautiful Asian sisters for decades.

BUT NOW we've made Likas available to the women of the whole world for FREE with selected packages! We wanted to make the offer so good so you can't refuse, that's why we're offering free Likas Papaya soaps with selected packages.

Take our Likas Papaya Challenge.

Just try Likas today and if you don't see noticeable, whitening, glowing, radiant results within 3 months just send back the unused bars and we'll refund your money. Even the postage and packaging!

100% RISK FREE! We're that confident! Why? Because Likas has used by the most beautiful Asian women for DECADES. We KNOW it works for them, and we know it will work for you!

"Thank you for responding. I got it about an hour ago actually. I can not wait to try it out. Thank you for getting back to me. They look and smell wonderful."

- Charice S, Reading

"Besides having lighter skin, the biggest thing really is my acne and i've found the products you sell help it significantly so i continue to use them!! "

- Petra, Finchley

"God bless... I have a dilemma, I have never used a product that works like yours..It is terrific... all the dark marks in my face have almost vanished, my face looks like it has a glow and it's general look is amazing..."

- Anette, London

"My main conern was when I started looking for whitening producst was Safety, which I found in this, i am so so happy again that I am at a right place with right products. And many thanks Maria for answering all my questions sooo kindly and promptly. "

- Kirz, Cardiff

" I just love the new soap.. my face got brighter again.. i love ur papaya soap... i still have some left from my last order....and one of my friend noticed the changes...she wants to try it too.... i'll let other people to try it too...thank u again for u're good services....have a great day..... "

- Mi, Leeds

" I would just like to say im glad I stumbled upon your website. I actually was online looking for the best whitening products out there and i almost bought some other random brands that contained Hydroquinone (yikes!) Thank God I found you guys! When I read up on all the contents of your products I was relieved that they were all natural. So after doing frequent researching, and reading of other customer's testimonies I decided to take a chance on it...and low and behold... It's actually working!"

- Vanessa, Birmingham

"My friends and family noticed the changes in my skin. It was smoother, lighter and everyone said I looked more beautiful."

- Rhoda, Ilford

"THANK YOU for the best lightening products--have spent a fortune on pricey products for about 10 years--nothing is as effective as the soap and cream---great results after one week of use----can't tell you how happy i am!!!!"

- Mary, Luton

"I must say thanks a lot for your product am really thankful that all worked out well and now am looking forward into the new exciting results..I will keep u posted.Thanks again and keep on your good work."

- Margaret, Earls Court

"I just wanted to say your products have been working amazingly. I started seeing results in 3 days and it's only getting better! I am so glad something finally works."

- Grace, MA, USA

"I started using them for a week now. My skin is much softer and I can see it getting lighter. It also gives me a nice glow. I will definitely plan on ordering again once I'm out! "

- Catherine, London

  • made from 100% natural ingredients. The "miracle" enzyme, papain, exfoliates dark, dead skin cells.
  • used for decades by the most beautiful women in Asia to enhance their distinctive, radiant skin tone
  • simple system for whitening skin: just 3-5 minutes a day